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Thank you for taking the time to stop by our small piece of the World Wide Web on this page we would like to tell you about some of the things that you can get done here.

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Custom Work

Let us help you design the perfect custom products, that will bring together your group, club, team and more by simply adding text, logos or customized layouts. and its very simple to do, you can do it by your self and upload an image to us, or just put what you want on the shirt in a email to us and let our design team send you some samples that you can fine tune until you get just what you want and unlike other shops our minimum order is (1) one.

Sleeve Printing

We make sleeve printing easy, just tell us what type of sleeve printing you want, and what words you want on the sleeve.

for example:

(standard on right sleeve) Joe White 

(Stacked on left sleeve) Running Hard

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Your costume work

Let us let us help you create the T-shirt you need and want, just give us some information about what you want and how you would like it made or send us your print ready art work and we will make the T-shirt of your dreams.

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